Walk of 4.7km (2,9 miles), 2 hours, by walk or by bike.

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Family outing stroll of 4.7km punctuated with artistic pieces. The trail includes the zone of Vovray (Seynod) until the bridge of Tasset (Meythet), via the Avenue du Rhône (Annecy) and the promenade of Thiou (Cran-Gevrier)

To enrich your experience make sure to visit main attractions of the city of Annecy close to the trail (bars, restaurants, art galleries). An original way to discover or rediscover our city.


Les Moustaches de Zébulon : 37 Avenue de Loverchy, 74000 Annecy

The Roster: 2 Route de Frangy 74960 MEYTHET


Woodstock Bar : 32 Avenue de Loverchy, 74000 Annecy


Galerie Art By Friends : 14 Avenue du Rhône, 74000 Annecy
Fondation Salomon : 34 Avenue de Loverchy, 74000 Annecy
Galerie Minh Tran : 14 Rue de la Cité, 74000 Annecy


Bazar Sans Frontière : 3 Avenue des 3 Fontaines, 74000 Annecy
Vinyle and Coffee : 9 Avenue de Loverchy, 74000 Annecy