Nicolas Barrome Forgues

23 avenue de la république (Cran-Gevrier)

French artist, Nicolas Barrome Forgues took his first steps at the school of applied arts in Bordeaux, before specializing in illustration and creating the Jeanspezial collective. He has developed a uniquely detailed universe filled with complex and colorful images. Inspired by fantasy film and specifically the universe of SpongeBob, he enjoys playing with texture, color gradients, shadows, lights and volume to create both illustrative and narrative images.

The Low Bros

La Friche des Rails – Entry 2 Rue de la cité

The Low Bros, Christoph and Florin Schmidt, are two brothers from Hamburg, Germany. Inspired by the skater and hip hop culture of the 80s and 90s, their acrylic and spray murals are extremely detailed and immediately recognizable by their creation of animals fused together with geometric and anthropomorphic shapes.

Pablo Dalas

74 avenue de la république (Cran-Gevrier)

Based in Brussels, Pablo Dalas is a visual artist and cartoonist with a background in graphic design and urban art. Passionate about comics and the first American cartoons, he puts forward in his works the idea of movement and decomposition. The black elements of the mural are inspired by this passion and around them the artist created an abstract graphic frame.

Benjamin Jeanjean

34 avenue de Loverchy

Benjamin Jeanjean is an artist based in the Basque Country. Illustrator, visual artist and tattoo artist, he enjoys combining the nonsensical with black humor and contradictions through his figurative and symbolic representations. He draws his inspiration from old engravings, new imagery, the irrational and human logic.

Ben Thé et Ludovic Gabriel

65 Chemin de la prairie

Ben Thé lives and works in Brussels. He graduated with a Bachelor of Art and Design at the HEAD. Originally from the world of skateboarding, he also distinguished himself in street art through his collages that rely on urban architecture and environment. His artistic approach is based on the absurd, burlesque and the art of misappropriation. His choice of media is extremely varied, ranging from sketchbooks to walls, passing by skin or even yet paper and photo. For this production, he called on Ludovic Gabriel based in Geneva.

Kruella d’Enfer

1 rue du travail

Portuguese visual artist and illustrator Kruella D’Enfer delights us with her enchanted visual world, evoking a deep sense of wonder. Comfortable painting both large-scale murals and smaller intimate works on paper and canvas, her use of contrasting colors and geometric shapes bring to life here a young woman holding a bowl of fruits and vegetables.


22 Rue de la Cité

Based in Annecy. Drawing has been a passion of his since a young age. Over the years, he has created his own personal graphic universe inspired by the street art movement, skateboarding culture, cartoons and graphic novels. His work also includes natural elements taken from his native region, the Jura.


40 Avenue du Loverchy

Based in Chartres. He creates all over France as well as in Canada. For him, graffiti is an intergenerational and family art. Such are the statements that he tries to express through the abstraction of colours and shapes.


34 Avenue du Loverchy

Based in Montreal. He is a multidisciplinary artist that stands out by his unique style and his thought-provoking subjects. His work has been displayed in various exhibitions and galleries in and around Canada and the United States. As a specialist for big murals, he is also known for his work as a tattoo artist.


2 Avenue du Rhône

Based in Biarritz. Street artist, graphic designer, illustrator, typesetter, painter and rapper. You can find his work on walls in museums such as Beaubourg or South Bank in London as well as on trucks or bunkers in Normandie.


Art By Friends garage, 14 Avenue du Rhône

A collective mural created live in the garages of Art By Friends. The collaboration included Dodo, based in Canada, Clash, based in Montpellier and Wozdat and Keim both from Annemasse.


Under the road interchange of the bypass, Avenue du Rhône

Based in Lyon. Constantly experimenting, the artist is inspired by cubism and strongly guided by the fine line between abstraction and regularity.


Under the road interchange of the bypass, Avenue du Rhône

Based in Vancouver. Important actor in the Montreal street art culture in Montreal since the 90s. He is known for his pieces portraying dreamy faces and smokey environments, reminding us of the first aspects of graffiti.

Isaac Holland

Promenade du saint Sépulre

Based in Victoria. Isaac always wanted to search inspiration in his environment, which can seem antagonist. From great Canadian forests to first Nations Haida’s art, by way of graffiti and tattoo. All methods are useful to build and construct towards a singular artistic approach. Issac Holland’s art combines multiple influences with surrealistic, crude, organic and sometimes weird results.


3 Avenue des 3 fontaines

Based in Paris. Kashink is a French street artist who travels around the world in order to create. Provocative, original, she defends human diversity by inspiring herself of different cultures. Ever challenging, her work depicts fat and hairy men along with characters with four eyes made of thick lines and bright colours. She takes part in projects such as “50 cakes of gay” for equal rights.


74 Avenue de la République

Based in Toulouse. Crude, colourful, endearing, and humoristic, Debza’s art comes with strength and lightness. He is influenced by the manga and Kawaii culture, but he doesn’t forget his origins: graffiti and tattoo. Multiple influences to build a personal artistic approach where techniques and subjects cross over from drawings to murals.

Andrea Wan

Avenue Chevêne (proche centre de tri)

Andrea Wan is a Visual Artist and Illustrator born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, BC and now based in Berlin. Working mostly with ink on paper, Andrea sees her work as a visual journal that reflects her thoughts and experiences. Her art combines traditional narrative aesthetics with eerie and surrealist qualities, depicting a world with great sensibility. Andrea finds inspiration by looking outwards to observe her surroundings such as people and places, and looking introspectively into the obscure corners of her subconscious.


42 Chemin fleuri

Based in Rennes. MSHL takes on graffiti by full force just before the 2000s. As an educationalist in the MU body, he experiments by teaching in schools in Montréal. Then nature becomes a source of inspiration which mixes more and more with geometric forms and abstract lines. Recently, the use of strong blues cobalt and ultramarine embellish his works.

Loraine Motti

Rue André Gide

From the very small paper format to the giant fresco, the French artist Loraine Motti has a hybrid work shaped by her long residencies in different places in South America. Her drawings and painting-walls tell stories like a tale between poetic and satirical, where the protagonists are immersed in a surreal world.

Block Party

Sous les échangeurs le long de la promenade du Thiou

The artists Esprit, Laec, Wodzat, Chuffy, Koey, Dream, 13sprdz… put their talents together to produce the frescoes under the ring road interchanges. This work produced during the 10/10 festival in June 2019 has an ephemeral intention due to the fact that it will covered during the next festival in June 2020. A interesting reflection on urban art and its temporality…