22 Rue de la Cité

Based in Annecy. Drawing has been a passion of his since a young age. Over the years, he has created his own personal graphic universe inspired by the street art movement, skateboarding culture, cartoons and graphic novels. His work also includes natural elements taken from his native region, the Jura.


40 Avenue du Loverchy

Based in Chartres. He creates all over France as well as in Canada. For him, graffiti is an intergenerational and family art. Those are statements he tries to express through the abstraction of colors and shapes.


34 Avenue du Loverchy

Based in Montreal. He is a multidisciplinary artist that stands out by his unique style and his thought-provoking subjects. He has been part of numerous exhibitions in galleries across Canada and the United States. A big wall specialist, he is also known for his work as a tattoo artist.


2 Avenue du Rhône

Based in Biarritz. Street artist, graphic designer, illustrator, typesetter, painter and rapper. You can find his work on walls in museums such as Beaubourg or South Bank in London as well as on trucks or bunkers in Normandie.


Art By Friends garage, 14 Avenue du Rhône

Collective wall created live in the garages of Art By Friends by Dodo based in Canada, Clash based in Montpellier and Wozdat and Keim both from Annemasse.


Under the road interchange of the bypass, Avenue du Rhône

Based in Lyon. Constantly experimenting, the artist is inspired by cubism and strongly guided by the fine line between abstraction and regularity.


Under the road interchange of the bypass, Avenue du Rhône

Based in Vancouver. Important actor in the Montreal street art culture in Montreal since the 90s. He is known for his pieces portraying dreamy faces and smokey environments, reminding us of the first aspects of graffiti.


19 Rue Jean Jaurès (Derrière Bonlieu)

Based in Brooklyn. Since 2010, he spreads positive illustrated messages on social media – he has more than 100 000 followers – also in the streets through pastes on walls or in his paper Jeremyville RAW.